Contemplatives in Action

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Contemplatives in Action

The Salesian Sisters, in their daily lives, as St. John Bosco taught us, try to "harmonize the contemplative and the active life, reproducing Martha and Mary, the life of the Apostles and that of the Angels."  In this sense, the union with Christ that every Sister experiences in the chapel is just part of her life with Christ.  The rest of the "stuff of life" - her work with the young and her interacations in community, also mirror, and give life to this relationship with God.

In our Constitutions, article 48 is clear, "Mother Mazzarello teaches us that 'true piety consists in fulfilling all our duties at the right time, in the right place and solely for the love of God.' We shall therefore carry out our work in that spirit of apostolic charity which urges us to make a total gift of self, making every action a real meeting with our Lord."   

It is with this attitude and intention that each Sister approaches the day, the young, and one another.  We intend to see God in those meetings, but also in the even smaller, more mundane tasks of every day, God is present and we meet Him there.  All this stems from St. Francis de Sales' spirituality, which promotes awareness of God's presence in all moment and activities of the day.


And so, as our Constitutions tell us, our commitment to the salvation of souls, our silent listening to the Holy Spirit, and frequent short invocations, "make each day a liturgy lived in simplicity and joy, an 'unending hymn of praise' to the Father."